Bram and Carolyn Bailey

Bram and Carolyn Bailey were both born to Salvation Army officers serving overseas. Bram was born in Chile and Carolyn was born in Zimbabwe. Following childhood overseas, Bram and Carolyn returned to the US with their families and completed their education. Carolyn received her B.A. with High Honors in Literature from Wheaton College, Wheaton, Illinois, in 1983. Bram received his B.A. with Honors in Sociology and Urban Studies with a minor in Fine Arts from Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri, in 1984.

Bram and Carolyn met at The Salvation Army International Youth Congress in Macomb, Illinois in 1985. Bram and Carolyn married on March 12, 1988 while in graduate school at Columbia University in New York, NY. During the summer of 1988, the Baileys went to Chikankata, Zambia with the Summer Service Corps. From that experience, Bram wrote his thesis on HIV/AIDS management and care in Africa. Bram graduated with a Master of Arts in International Development in 1989. Carolyn received her Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing—Non-Fiction in 1990.

Upon completing their degrees, the Baileys served at Chikankata Hospital in Zambia as reinforcement personnel from 1990-1992. Bram was the program manager for the HIV/AIDS Care and Prevention program. Carolyn taught English to the nursing students, computers to the secretaries, and hosted a wide variety of international visitors who came to see the HIV/AIDS program.

In February, 1993, Bram and Carolyn, and their first child, moved to Alexandria, VA where Bram began his work with The Salvation Army World Service Office (SAWSO). Bram currently serves as the Director of Programs. He directs and coordinates all program sections: community health; HIV/AIDS; micro-credit; food security; and anti-sexual trafficking. He works with staff to provide technical support to Salvation Army programs throughout the two/thirds world and works to develop partnerships with government and other non-development agencies. Bram currently serves on the board of Micah Challenge, US and the board of Christian Connections for International Health (CCIH). He also served as a board member of CORE for four years. CORE is an association of US-based international non-governmental organizations that work to promote and improve the health and well-being of children – the Child Survival pioneered by UNICEF.

Carolyn is a freelance writer and editor who works with the national Christian education, development, and publications departments, as well as SAWSO. She has also written for the western territory’s social services department. In addition, Carolyn teaches at an inclusive preschool, where children with disabilities and typically developing children learn together.

Bram and Carolyn Bailey have three children and attend the Arlington, VA corps where Carolyn teaches the adult Sunday school class and where Bram and Carolyn are the co-Corps Sergeant Majors.